Week 53 (24th August-30th August)

Week 53 (24th August-30th August)

Baby boy give mama a little break from rushing up and down the house with you. Or at least start doing a little bit of walking with your walker. My back won’t cope much longer. 


cheeky monkey


Where’s Aydin?


you keep getting more handsome


big love


Cutie pie



Week 41 ( 1st June – 7th June)

Week 41 ( 1st June – 7th June)

Summer house fun, sea and sand!
With Dede in the summer house

Crawling training

First morning coffee with a difference

Just the beach and baby
Matching cozy
Look at the love
Matching wardrobe
Entertainment while daddy socialized
Lunch @ the beach

The boys

Playing peek a boo

Who new sand was such fun?

Swimming with dada

Fun with mama