We have slowly being getting our flat up to scratch for selling and while it was looking at its best for the photographers I took advantage and photographed our little princess….

I am filled with excitement, terror and anticipation with the possible sale of our flat. While I am excited about the prospect of a new adventure it also fills me with dread as now we are 4 and with minimal funds. This little flat never stopped being a DIY project in its 7 years and at least half of the time we weren’t parents so I struggle to understand how we will ever find time to fix a new place. Also, this little flat was where Hal and I became a married couple, became parents and the it’s our first home as a family and for both our kids so the sentimental value is pretty strong. Unfortunately we could not keep it forever. And though I will miss it and always remember it we feel this is the time to move before school starts for our littles. Hopefully we will make it through this lengthy process ahead. Worse comes to worse we don’t sell and that means staying in this lovely flat so that’s not bad at all.

And here is our flat…