Last bit of our journey before heading back home, we went straight to Piazza Michelangelo  to capture the photo that started this whole journey. Once there it was so windy that we quickly returned to our airbnb for a relaxed evening we had no intention of doing any serious sightseeing so that one evening there was spent indoors.


a little glimpse of our lovely airbnb in the heart of Florence, with it’s awesome mezzanine!!!

I can’t believe how far we have come since 2005 in 13 years we grew up, married and created these 2 incredible little humans and achieved something that was merely a passing comment; that we would return to this beautiful city to mark the important junctions in our lives together. It has become a wonderful tradition and I truly hope we have more amazing landmark occasions to return and photograph in our place Piazza Michelangelo.

Below is the picture of this trip 2018 as a family of 4, then in 2015 as a family of 3 and to mark 10 years together. Next in 2010 to mark 5 years together.

I am not sure if on any of the many evenings we took midnight and early morning strolls up to piazza Michelangelo as a young couple just dating in 2005 we took any pictures but i will try to find any and post again.