It feels like only a couple of months ago this little treasure was born after a bit of a sudden labour after hours of discomfort.

I am not sure how we have managed such an incredibly relaxed year in what seemed like an impossible task when we had only 1 child. The transition from one to two children felt pretty simple after the epic upheaval having the 1st caused. With Amber, she just slotted into our lives and came along for the ride without demanding too much and giving us so much happiness and joy.

I feel tremendously happy and proud that Aydin gets to grow up with a sibling, something which means the world to me as I never wanted to have an only child. Now when they have brief moments of playing together my heart wants to burst with joy.

Now my biggest hope (after our health and happiness of course) is that they love each other and are there for each other always. I dont expect them to always like each other but i hope they always know when needed they have each others backs. I would have loved to have a sibling and grown up with someone these two better appreciate each other and make this mum proud.

Amber this year with you has been magic, you add so much to our 3 lives, i can’t wait to get to know you better. This next year alone will bring so much change as you develop more of a personality. If those wonderful smiles of yours continue i don’t doubt our lives will be incredible my little brave, cheeky and daring beauty. I don’t doubt Aydin loves you as he tells you often, and as for your dad and I we are completely and utterly in love with you! Sleep tight my love for tomorrow we celebrate a wonderful day, Happy Birthday!