Today marks Aydins 4th birthday! This beautiful wonderful boy that turned our lives upside down and made us parents and has taught us so much.

I still remember the fear of being induced, the desperation for him to come naturally before having to be induced. Then once the birth was over the awe of having this tiny, little fragile, bundle that was somehow ours, part of us and ours to take care of. I had never seen or held anything this wonderful and was fascinated by how something so tiny could look so perfect. 

We went on to learn a lot and continue to do so on a daily basis with his bright, intelligent, articulate boy that he is developing into. He is still fascinating to us and still leaves us in awe like that first day but now it’s with his handsomeness and intelligence. 

At four the love of numbers is still very much there, the enthusiasm for reading anything he can see, the love of for his little Amber and for his family as he keeps reminding us we are. And his sudden love of all things birthday related after seeing both mine and Hal’s means for the first time ever he is aware of the occasion and reminding us daily that his birthday is on Saturday. I hope he feels even a tiny smidgen of how much we love him on his day. 

 I can’t understand how we are already here? It is ridiculous that in 1 month Aydi goes to reception. We have had this wonderful little boy in our lives 4 amazing years and love him so much we are absolutely head over heels in love with him.

Thank you for being you Aydin we are mad about you in case this wasn’t clear with my bubbling on. Happy birthday!