Our biggest brightest boy who is half way through reception and full of ideas is 4 and a half years old.

Lately he is super funny with his comments, simple things that sound hilarious coming from his mouth. Things like ‘mummy, where’s your brain?’, mummy, nice try! (When I got something wrong), making arguments to get what he wants and just talking like a proper little person. There is no denying our boy is a proper little boy not a baby, not a toddler, but a boy who is becoming more and more eloquent and independent. It’s so wonderful to see but so bittersweet for us as those precious baby years become a blur. You begin to realise why people keep saying; make the most of it, enjoy it, it flies by. But when you’re trapped in the midst of lack of sleep, exhaustion and the monotonous routine of a little one so dependant on you, you fantasies about them reaching all the milestones as soon as possible. Hindsight makes you realise how silly you were to wish any of it away.

Though let’s face it, even at this stage you have moments of wanting to rush through things because they’re tiring, difficult or challenging. I now try to embrace it as much as I can and always keep it in the forefront that everything is temporary the good and the bad, it will all flow and adapt and change. Help Getting Off Drugs & Alcohol..

This is what having a 4.5 year old has done to me! It has made me assess life, how can I have a 4.5 year old? Most days I feel that old myself.