After lots of worrying and stressing about; How giving birth this time round would be? When it would happen? What I would do with Amber and Aydin when the moment came? And how they would cope? Things worked out so much better than anticipated.

I woke at 1:50am on the 1st December to mild contractions and quickly became more consistent and out of fear of things progressing quickly, with it being the 3rd. I woke Hal up and quickly decided to call mum to make her way to us. the kids continued to sleep despite as turning lights on and getting things ready to leave. Mum arrived about 40 minutes later by which point the pains were more regular and stronger but still easy to breath through. We got an uber to the hospital and the whole way i was thanking my instincts for leaving when i did as the pains were really building up and on arrival i had to stop walking and hunch over with each pain. Once we worked out how to get into the hospital and where to go, we were greeted in a very quiet calm birthing centre. I was assessed and put into a birthing room by which point i was 5cm and unable to move much from all fours on the floor. The pains had definitely got to an uncomfortable stage there was no denying we had made a good decision, this was no false alarm. Thank goodness for gas and air as this kept the edge of and meant i made it through the birth which quickly progressed and by 6:35am my beautiful baby girl was born. It was not without it’s moment of drama. Is any birth completely drama free? I highly doubt it! This little sweetheart decided to poo on her way out so the last bit of labour was rather panicked and rushed but despite that we both made it through without any problems and were quickly cuddling and feeding somewhat messy from the birth but completely over the moon!

Of my 3 births (still can’t get over the fact i have done this 3 times) this birth was the most focused and mentally strong i have ever been. I managed to go through the whole birth just thinking about how great it was that i was about to meet this wonderful little person who had been sharing my body and kicking me like crazy the last few months. So when she was born the sense of calm and peace was wonderful as well as the fact that we were the only ones in the birth centre on a chilly Sunday morning, watching the sunrise with our beautiful little bundle in a dreamy sort of haze. Time slowed down that morning as we just lay there smiling, the city came to life around us, and we took in the beauty and magic of this 3rd blessing in our little family.