My sweet sunshine, today you turned 3! I don’t know where to begin to express how much I love you. From the moment you were born you have been a complete joy, your large round eyes, those beautiful lips and enormous wonderful smile. Which is still as infectious, if not more now that your funny and cheeky personality colour it ever more. You have brought us so much joy daily with your happy disposition, you do everything with so much energy and bounce it’s hard to take our attention away from your wonderful facial expressions, reactions and attitude to everything.

You are so caring trying to cheer up any unhappy moment, dissipate any anger and nurse any tear. You are always looking out for others, but none more than Aydin. You would do anything for Aydin; you will hunt down any toy he wants, make sure he has water or snacks if you have had any, protect him and console him whenever necessary. If Aydin is being told off you go out of the way to distract attention from him. You are his biggest fan and you know what I think he is yours too, I hope the bond between you both is stronger each day because it gives me immense joy that you have each other. Your daddy and I constantly say you 3 are the best thing we could ever have done with our lives and we are forever thankful. You make me proud every day and I look forward to seeing you flourish into your own little person who I anticipate will be a force of nature with a heart of gold. Ambi stay little as long as possible for me my darling. I love you always.