You woke to 3 your usual lovely self with a thank you mummy after we sang happy birthday and when you saw the decorations. By the evening you were demanding more gifts and even telling us some were not nice enough😆. Not to mention how you refused to share anything with Aydi. From angel to diva in one day but it was your special day so we let you enjoy it. Aydi also played his role asking every few minutes if you could open more gifts while I did my best to spread things out throughout the whole day to keep the magic alive and give each present a bit of attention. Your birthday under normal circumstances would have been spent in grannies garden with a few others but this one was just us and grannies so it was fairly relaxed. You probably won’t even remember this birthday but all we ever really want on your special day and every day really is for you to feel loved and realise you, your brother and sister are our world and we love you so much.