We have become the biggest Frozen fans of all time I fear, even Flori joins our attempts at singing all the songs. I would not be surprised if it has caused various neighbours to consider moving not just to a different building but perhaps a different Borough altogether. We certainly put our hearts into belting out every tune in our loudest voice, unashamedly Hal and I are perhaps the loudest and most disruptive when we really unleash our theatrical side. But it is these moments when i look around and think to myself this, right now, is what i want them to remember, this is what I want them to harp back to when they have any tiny wavering doubt that we loved them or when they question their worth in any way. We love these three with an intensity that i could never have imagined and each of them is spectacular in every possible way.

So to get back to this post, when we had a glimpse of snow it was like we were in Arrendelle and it was magical and beautiful and for those few minutes that we marveled in the light dusting of snow we made more family magic and memories to treasure. Oh and of course we tried to create our own Olaf in a rush, it was pretty cold! So that’s our Olaf with a pepper nose because we had no carrots. But that’s just what we do, we adapt and this Olaf was good enough to fill them with joy. 🙂