At 14 months Flori is so much part of the gang she adores Aydi entertaining her and shouting with her. Loves a cuddle with her sister, loves smooching and is generally a joy around the house. Climbing onto furniture and trying to climb out of the high chair is the new game which terrifies me daily! Like her siblings she has a way of making every morning beautiful with her kisses and smiles as soon as she opens her eyes, wiping away a lot of the exhaustion of constant night feeds and sore muscles even if only for a few minutes. Her expressions and reactions are so wonderfully exaggerated and spontaneous that I find I could stare at her all day. In Aydins words ‘she is so cute when she is angry.’ Flori my 3rd beam of pure sunlight you are wonderful and loved by all of us so much, I hope we make that clear for your 1 year old understanding. I suspect we do 🙂