It is tricky to write on here as so much time has been spent doing the same again and again this year of lockdown. With no options of the table our little flat, our little bubble, is always experiencing lots of highs and some lows as we get ratty with each other because well i guess there are moments we have all had enough and would love to just be left alone!

On the other hand I am so grateful for so many things ranging from the big things – our good health and our extended families health throughout all this. To tiny things like those many moments of just sitting together at home with no rushing, no plan, nothing to take us away from just being. I think all of us have hopefully taken a bit of good from all this.

I am so thankful-

we have our little chaotic flat where we all feel save and loved

we have had all those extra cuddles on the sofa, those extra hours in our pjyamas because we just could

we have sat and had all the many breakfasts, lunches and dinners as a complete family no one missing because of work/school

we have had Hal home and the kids are having this unexpected additional quality time with him and him with them

we have all grown so much from tiny Flori to Hal and I starting to focus on things we feel we need

I have lost a bit of the panick being stuck at home with kids use to produce

i have learnt to deal better with not knowing and being able to prepare

I am nervous about how things will change again because i guess eventually Hal will go back to work and us being together being with the kids and caring for them our self won’t be possible. I worry about how we will all adjust again, undoubtedly we will but, what will it be like then and will we be happy with however that will be? I guess there isn’t a lot of sense in thinking all this because who knows? But if i am honest it does worry me.

Anyway right now, today we are great and everyone is content. What more could I want for my gang?